Coaching is like a much needed layover

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By: Lori Cooley

Yep, that’s what I heard in my mind a few months ago on a trip home from visiting my family in Colorado. While ticking off the time between flights and getting in some much needed steps, I sensed in my gut the words or some compilation of the words; “Coaching clients is much like a flight layover.” Here’s some thoughts that followed.

Seeing clients land in my office can remind me of transitions on long layovers between flights. The client is not where they previously were but also not at their preferred destination but hanging out in the “inbetween”. Sometimes a need to stretch new ideas, regroup, rethink through turbulent thought patterns, or pause to adjust from a tight schedule takes time. Being confined in rigid spaces can push us toward freedom by making new goals. Having someone help you navigate a fresh perspective on where you've landed and explore the next part of the trip often makes the journey richer and provides accountability with each step.

Next comes the waiting….. Can we say a ugggh in unison? Waiting is the biggest part of what happens in a layover. Lots of waiting! But is that really all bad? Could it be more in the attitude of the wait that we find some peace? I know that is true for me. Knowing the timeframe of the wait can also help, but that’s not always the reality. Flights are notoriously late. Accomplishing small goals through the wait may encourage us into forward motion. How about contentment in the wait? That may be the hardest work for many of us. Choosing to be content is a game changing mindset worth the effort then adding someone to walk with you in it, is icing on the cake.

Think back to the 30,000 ft view from the airplane window and you will notice a change in perspective. Journeys can shake up our thinking and sense of direction. Changes can be in relationships, new ideas, desired improvements and even a host of hard challenges. A coach can help you clarify, refocus and create a fresh perspective in these areas where you are stuck.

Do you need a refresh? Consider if you are ready to get creative and map out a route that aligns with the values you desire and places you want to go. Coaching can guide you though these areas to unveil some pathways you haven’t thought about. Working with a coach can also bring clarity through open dialogue as you chart your course. You never know what the destination may bring. Take full advantage of the time given in the layover and keep your eyes on the skies. You might even fly!!

But those who wait for the Lord {who expect, look for, and hope in Him}

Will gain new strength and renew their power;

They will lift up their wings {and rise up close to God} like eagles {rising toward the sun};

They will run and not become weary,

They will walk and not grow tired.

Isaiah 40:31 (AMP)


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